Sunday, February 25, 2007

Teacher 1.8 in School v .9 using Web 2.0 Tools!

Confused? I sure am! I am realizing that there is no road map to the school of the future. I think despite the efforts of people like Will Richardson and David Warlick, it's an experiential thing. Don't get me wrong we still need to keep moving forward, upgrading each classroom one by one, but can we move a little faster please?

I sometimes get impatient. When I do I have to sit back and reflect. I have realized that it has taken me over a year to get to the understanding of the concepts of web 2.0 and how it impacts education. How can I expect a casual conversation in the hall with a colleague to have the same level of impact?

I came to understand these tools and concepts in a backwards sort of way. I was podcasting and using podcsting in my classroom for almost a year before I even new about web 2.0 or school 2.0. Once I learned about the tools and concepts behind them I started to think about my teaching differently. You can listen to this in our recent podcast at the TechPodZone. We have immersed ourselves in Web 2.0 and you can hear our take on things.

What's frustrating is not getting everyone to the same level of understanding. My other podcast, PSUCast, is about our student management system. We are periodically talking about how there are a few reluctant users. One of the methods we used to bring everyone to use the system was a mandate. This makes me wonder if that's what we will need in order to get all teachers upgraded to teacher 2.0.

I admit that I am not fully upgraded at this time. Only a few more patches to be installed and I will be up to date. Does this mean I am now caught in the never ending cycle of upgrades? We used to call that "Change". Oh no! The "C" word.

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