Friday, June 29, 2007

It's my first week of summer! WooHoo! I am now just finding the time to catch up on my bloglines. It sure can fill up in a hurry!

For some people attending conferences during the summer can be exhilarating. For others, re-charging means some downtime away from it all. I would have to say that I am one who needs the downtime first, but only for a little while.

I have been following the NECC live blogs and other postings. It sounds as if it was a great conference. I tell you with all of the new technology you can really get a feel for what was happening there. In the next few days I hope to explore some more.

I need a few more days to re-charge so to speak. Maybe I will see some of you at PSU in St.Louis in 2 weeks. I will be running around with Eric interviewing and podcasting the event. Stop us and say Hi.

I will also be conducting teacher training in Pekin, Indiana in 3 weeks. Can't wait. It should be loads of fun to meet people.

Here's to summer!

Monday, June 11, 2007

A Gift!

I received the best gift a teacher can receive this week. It only takes one of these every few years to make it all worth while.

One of my Odyssey of the Mind team members wrote a book in his 6th grade class. The books were sent to a company that professionally binds them.

This student wrote a book based on a character that we used this year on the team. What was extra special I opened to page 2...... I noticed that he had dedicated it to me. I was very very surprised and moved to a tear or two.

I now keep this book on my shelf in my office. When ever the day gets rough I just look at the book and I feel better.

Even though these moments are few it only take one or two to realize why we do what we do.

It's Great to See Someone When they "Get It!"

I atended another one of Alan November's workshops last week. It was as great as ever. I attended with several colleagues. The administrators were very excited to learn what Alan November shared. My only disappoint was that I have been delivering Alan's message now for about a year throughout our district.

I guess that is why Alan November does what he does. It took him about 1 hour to explain the read write web. I think they "got it" for the first time. Let's hope so. Thanks Alan.

The lesson I learned? It's delivery of the message!