Friday, June 29, 2007

It's my first week of summer! WooHoo! I am now just finding the time to catch up on my bloglines. It sure can fill up in a hurry!

For some people attending conferences during the summer can be exhilarating. For others, re-charging means some downtime away from it all. I would have to say that I am one who needs the downtime first, but only for a little while.

I have been following the NECC live blogs and other postings. It sounds as if it was a great conference. I tell you with all of the new technology you can really get a feel for what was happening there. In the next few days I hope to explore some more.

I need a few more days to re-charge so to speak. Maybe I will see some of you at PSU in St.Louis in 2 weeks. I will be running around with Eric interviewing and podcasting the event. Stop us and say Hi.

I will also be conducting teacher training in Pekin, Indiana in 3 weeks. Can't wait. It should be loads of fun to meet people.

Here's to summer!

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