Wednesday, October 31, 2007

In Roads

I just gave my first presentation to our staff on Web 2.0 tools. Even though I have been sharing, discussing, and presenting the tools for over a year now, it was my first time I could package and deliver the whole as pedagogy.

My approach was to use the web 2.0 tools to deliver the message. I stressed two points. I wanted teachers to consider building their own personal learning network and to consider trying one web 2.0 tool that would help them to do that. The second point was to consider trying at least one tool that would help their students to create their own personal learning network.

I had some very capable co-presenters. The K12 Online Conference presenters were there to help out. I used several of the videos and had some great discussion. I'll be back here to share with you any in roads that I make.

I especially liked Drew Murphy's 10 essential skills video. It made sense to my teachers and gave them a starting point. So check out the K12 Online Conference.

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