Friday, November 23, 2007

Great time at NYCATE!

We presented at the NYSCATE Conference this past week. As usual the conference was great. I saw a lot of web 2.0 tools being used. It was kind of validating to see. Sometimes I am very impatient. It just seems like everyone should be using web 2.0 tools in all classes.

Despite all of our efforts in my home school district there are not many people embracing the new ideas. Recently I presented to several of our staff and only 2 people have asked for further help. I guess I should be happy with this. One teacher has signed up for a blogmeister account and will be using it in her 8th grade social studies class. I'll keep you posted with her success.

It seems that the revolution is making gains ever so slowly. Check out and look for our video podcast presentation called "Podcasting, Wikis, and Blogs! Oh My!"

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Brian C Smith said...

It was refreshing to see and hear people asking questions about the tools that many of us in the field have used to connect with each other. Do you think that your impatience might be because you know the transformation of these connective tools?
I'll be sure to check out your presentation. BTW thanks for tagging this post with 'nyscate' as that is how I found it!