Monday, December 31, 2007

Our Own Youtube Channel

It seems online video is all the rage now. SidneyCSD at You Tube is where we will post our schools video projects. There are many services to choose from such as Kyte TV, Google Video, and BlipTV. They all offer similar services, but You Tube is the most well known and seems to be the standard service.

We will be uploading class and group video projects. Once uploaded to our You Tube channel, viewers will be able to visit SidneyCSD at You Tube and see all of our videos, make comments, and subscribe.

One of the most exciting things about video online and You Tube is that you can easily embed your uploaded video on other sites. Each teacher in our district is required to maintain a web page. We use a web content management system called SchoolFusion. SchoolFusion classroom web pages and You Tube make it very easy for every teacher to embed video on their pages.

My media class videos are posted at our You Tube channel You can also visit our school website to see our videos. My students will also be embedding their video on our wiki at .

The assignment for my students was to create a 60 second video of an inanimate object found around school. The video must not reveal what the object is. A sequence of shots must be edited in such a way as to fool the viewer or not allow them to guess what the object is. Objects chosen must be typical school objects that can be found in any school. This is a great exercise that focuses the students on composition, types of camera shots, angles, and editing. The students love the idea that it is supposed to be a mystery as well.

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