Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cell Phones in Class

I have created an activity for my computer applications class at the high school level. I will have the students work in pairs. They will be researching 3 different applications for cell phone use in schools or for school work. Once they find an application they like they will enter a description on the class wiki. They will then create an online tutorial using Camstudio and WebCamMax. Tutorials will be placed on YouTube and the school website page. Students will be using Diigo to keep track of their research and for note taking.

We start Monday and I will allow three weeks for this project to start. It should be interesting to see what different applications they find and want to use. We will start with Liz Kolb's website Cellphones in learning.

Yes, I asked for permission to have students use their cellphone! I'll keep you posted!

Please let me know if you have any favorite cell phone apps that the kids can research.


Liz Kolb said...

Hi Mike!
Thrilled to read about this project AND that you are using my site as a resource. Can't wait to find out how it went. Good luck!


Anthony Luscre said...

You may want to take at look at recent session I presented at FETC and eTech Ohio-- OMG, I CNT BLIEV WE R REALLY GTTNG 2 DO THS IN SKUL
and OECDs in Education:
The Good, Bad and Ugly of Smart Phones, iPads and More